Sunday, 17 October 2010


This morning, I raided my mothers scarf collection. I didn't know this before, but she has kept every scarf she has ever owned. As she has moved cross-country and sea, she could never keep any clothes or antiques as it would just be too much to move with, so, they had been abandoned over time. She did however keep scarves, she has pashminas, shrugs, wooly scarves, silk scarves, bandanas, you name it, she has it.

So, this morning, I felt they needed to see daylight again. I took seven, my mother will never see those seven scarves again.

Also, over a month ago, I bought a bird cage from Kempton Market for only £15, it is still not in place as there is very little space in my 7ft by 5'3ft room. Its puny, and unbearable.

At school for French GCSE, we are going to the Lille Christmas Market on 2/3 December, I am so excited, and am wondering whether anyone has been before? The website is in french, but I used google toolbar to help me translate some parts,

Jenni ♥


  1. Love scarf too.
    Im following and loving your blog check out mine :)

  2. i love scarfs ;)
    and I haven't been to Lille myself but a few years ago my school did a trip to the christmas market there and everyone seemed to like it!

    amazing blog, followed!