Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Restaurant Review: Adesso

I have recently decide to start writing restaurant reviews, though I am no critic, but hopefully you might enjoy some of my recommendations. My reviews will mainly be near around Richmond/Kingston, in south-west London.

Adesso- Italian Eatery. 24 Hill Rise, Richmond, London, TW10 6UA 
Tel: 020 8940 5544

This small sicilian-italian restaurant brings an authentic touch to Richmond town centre. The service is excellent, and often there is a live performer singing or playing an instrument. On my birthday, the whole restaurant sang me happy birthday! The staff are very passionate about food, recommending drinks and deserts to comply with your main. All reasonable priced and fulfilling. The menu could be more diverse but chefs are willing to alter recipes.

I recommend the 'Spigola a Missinisa', a fillet of sea bass served with a black olive, caper, cherry tomato and oregano sauce. Simply delicious.

A School Girls Lunchbox Rating: 4/5

Love Jenni x


  1. the restaraunt looks lovely! why the lowish score? ;)

  2. This place sounds yummy!

    Just came across your blog! :)


  3. Woops, that is meant to say 4/5 Phoebe, i shall change it ;)