Sunday, 12 September 2010


With a high interest for history, politics and current affairs, 9/11 came today with more formality for me than as usual. On Saturday mornings, I attend a Finnish School from 10am-12pm. It came as a shock when my mum, the headteacher, hadn't even thought of doing a moments silence for those 3000 people who died nine years ago. So, after realisation, my mum called for each classroom to take a minutes silence at 11am.

The subject spoken about lightly when meeting up with friends, but I didn't really start to think about it until watching 9/11: State of Emergency at 9pm on Channel 4, available on 4OD.

The programme was tear provoking, with interviews with Condoleezza Rice, survivors, witnesses and heroes.

I then watched the second half of United 93, an excellent reenactment of the days traumatising events, focusing on the United Airlines Flight 93, hijacked and headed for Washington DC, which, with passengers help and extreme bravery was crash landed. An excellent documentary, and insight to those passengers mind and thoughts.

I then finished the evening by watching Remember Me, its not a film a want to spoil by telling you its relation to 9/11 but my word, it is my favourite film. I'm still crying. I recommend.

Any thoughts? Agreements? Did anyone watch any of these or give thought to those that died?

I started writing this post on 9/11, its now 9/12, I guess I fail.
Love Jenni xxx

More foodie posts will follow hopefully!


  1. lilly told me the ending to remember me! do you have it on dvd because i still haven't seen it :')

  2. Gosh, I hadn't even realised the date on the IOW.... United 93 seems like a good watch.
    UO x